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Realistic Diamond Stitched Door Panels with Speakers for Tamiya King or Grand Hauler


The speakers are for show and do not function.

Choose your favourite colour combination.


Decalset in single colour for Tamiya Reefer Trailer 56302


Decal set for the left, right and rear of the Tamiya Reefer Trailer.

The decalset contains only one colour, shown in this picture as Sunrise Orange.

The Black underneath is the trailer itself, and to accomplish this the Black would be painted or wrapped to make it black. Decalset is contour cut and not printed.

Enter the desired text for Top and Bottom Line.

Choose from gloss, matte or metallic vinyl colours.

Tamiya Scania Orange Edition Seats


One pair of new seats for the Tamiya Scania Orange Edition.
Suede diamond stitched centre.

Magenta Decal Kit for Tamiya SCANIA R620 Dual Axle SALE SALE SALE

Decal Kit for Tamiya Scania R620 Highline
Kit contains:
2 large side striping decals
2 side fender decals
2 Diamond decals for the air intake
2 stripes for the air intake
2 Intercooler decals for the side windows
2 different types of decals for the bumper
4 x 5 stripes for the rear fender
Colour: Magenta
Fits 1/14 RC Tamiya Scania Highline R620 Dual Axle

Tarmac and Water Diorama for 1/14 Scale Single Rear Axle RC Truck, fits Scania, MAN, Volvo or Mercedes or similar size.


Make your truck a piece of art with this Handmade Diorama.

This Diorama fits a single rear axle Tractor Truck only, a trailer will not fit behind the truck.

Dimensions: 63 x 43,8 x 5,5 cm

Comes with protective anti scratch felt underneath the diorama so you will not scratch the surface where you place the diorama on.

Press the top picture see more pictures and zoomed in pictures.

Truck not included.

V8 Floormats for Tamiya Scania 1/14 Suede


Choose your colour combination and text.
Shown is Base Colour Grey Light and Stripes in Black.

Floormats with Text INTERCOOLER for Tamiya Scania 1/14 Suede


Choose your colour combination and text.
Shown is Base Colour Lime Green Normal and Stripes in Black.

Scania doorpanel set with Leather Diamond stitch centre


Choose your desired colours.
Shown colours:
A Dark Grey
B Light Grey
C Light Grey
D Black


Must be glued in place or with double sided sticky tape. This is not included with the panels.

Rear wall Alcantara look with speakers and lighting for Tamiya MAN 1/14 RC


Rear wall for the Tamiya MAN, with lighting.

Choose your colour combination and text for engine horsepower.

LED's work with voltage from 7,2 to 12 volts.

Shown is Dark Brown for Wall, Red for Colour stripes, and red lighting.

Speakers are for display purpose only and do not work. Seats are not included, rear wall only.

Rear Plate with USA flag airbrush for Tamiya Grand or King Hauler 1/14 RC Truck


These rear plates are airbrushed by hand, and therefore can have a slightly different appearance then on the picture since no plate will be exactly the same.

Painted with: AutoAir Colours and professional 2K Clear Coat.


Suede Front Curtain for Tamiya Scania with contrast stripe and text


Must be glued in place. Glue not included.

Shown in Brown Caramel with Beige Stripes and Text.

Suede Curtain Set: Front 10 flaps and folded Side curtains with contrast stripe


Base colour show in light sand, contrast stripe in red.

These curtains must be glued in place.

Front curtain can be made with 10 round or 10 square flaps.
Shown is round.

Handmade Scania Interior Kit Leather and Alcantara look with diamond stitching


Handmade interior kit with diamond stitching.
Made of artificial Leather.

Kit contains:
1 - Rear wall with lighting (A,B,C,D)
2 - Sleeping Bed (E,F,G)
3 - Plate above windshield (H,I)
4 - Side Panels (next to bed) (one left, one right) (J,K)
5 - Roof Side Panels (one left, one right) (L,M)
6 - Roof Panel (N,O)
7 - Door Panels (one left, one right) (P,Q,R)
8 - Cabinets, Front and Bottom (S,T,U,V)
9 - Floor cover (W)

We dont have pictures yet of the Doorpanels, Roof Side Panels, Roof Panel and Floor cover. These will come as soon as possible.

Seats and Dashboard not included.

INTERCOOLER Roof Decal for Tamiya Scania Topline 1/14 - Black Base, Coloured Text


Enter the desired colour for the Text. Rear is Black.

This decal was made to fit the Verkerk Roof exactly.


Click here to see the instruction video of how to install this decal.

INTERCOOLER Roof Decal for Tamiya Scania Topline 1/14 - Coloured Base, Black Text


Enter the desired colour for the Base. Text is Black.

This decal was made to fit the Verkerk Roof exactly.


Click here to see the instruction video of how to install this decal.

Scania Tamiya Line Striping set (0012)

scania tamiya thin line around the window going to the grill 0012 www_svlreclame_nl

This decal goes round the window and runs over the front of the Truck. This set contains one left and one right decal.

CONVOI EXCEPTIONNEL decal for the Verkerk Topline Roof of the Tamiya Scania.

tamiya scania dak roof dach convoi exceptionell sticker decal www_svlreclame_nl

This decal was made to fit the Verkerk Roof exactly.


Click here to see the instruction video of how to install this decal.

Bumper Striping Tamiya Scania

Enter your desired colour.

Intercooler decalset for Tamiya Scania (0010)

intercooler sticker decal selbkleber tamiya scania www_svlreclame_nl 0010

Set of one left and one right decal.

Enter the colour you want.
(price is for all the colours we have in stock)

Striping Kit "INTERCOOLER V8" for Tamiya Scania (0009)


Set of one left and one right decal for Tamiya Scania 1/14 RC Truck.

Choose your colours.
- Outside Colour shown is Dark Grey

- Middle Colour shown is Red.

- Inside Colour shown is Black.

Intercooler decal set for Side Windows Tamiya Scania 1/14 RC Truck

SVL-0427 (1-07)
scania tamiya intercooler decal sticker sidewindow zijruit 0001-07 www_svlreclame_nl
Set of 2 decals for the side windows. Choose cutting style, normal for applying outside or mirrored for applying inside of the window.

Set of Floor mats for Tamiya Actros and Arocs 1/14 RC - Artificial Leather

Set of floor mats, made of artificial leather. Has a diamond stitch pattern. Choose your desired colour combination.

Sleeping Bed for Tamiya Scania RC Truck 1/14. Artificial Leather

Sleeping Bed with Diamond Stitch. Made of artificial leather.

Sleeping Bed for Tamiya Scania RC Truck 1/14. Gloss Fabric

Sleeping Bed with Diamond Stitch. Made of Glossy Fabric

Realistic Door Panels for Tamiya King or Grand Hauler - 56344 56301


Set of 2 Doorpanels. (Contains one left and one right). You need to glue these in place. or use double sided tape (not included).

Choose the colours you want.

The Leather that is used for these panels is artificial leather.



Laptop 1/14 with lighting

laptop computer pc 1 14 scale for use with tamiya wedico or bruder rc truck www_svlreclame_nl

Hyper realistic dashboard in scale 1/14.

Choose the colour you want for the lighting.

Fully Handbuilt

Trailer Metal Poles with Reflective Red and White marking in scale 1/14


Set of 2 trailer poles.
Custom built on order.
Select length to see the price.

Enter length of the poles (A).

Enter the length in mm from point 1 (your trailer chassis) to point 2 (front end of the reflective poles). 
Note: this length is the length of the pole that is vertical in the picture and width of the pole that is horizontal in the picture combined.

Mercedes Actros / Arocs Hyper Realistic Dashboard with Lighting (optional) 1/14 RC 56348 56325 56335 56342


Hyper Realistic Actros or Arocs dashboard, painted and decals installed. LED's are optional

Choose the Cab Model you need, the Actros and Arocs dashboard are different in length from left to right. (The Actros version is wider than the Arocs).

The steering wheel also has LED's installed (when you choose LED installation option).

The SMD leds can be used with 7 to 12 volt power supplies.

Shown in this Picture is Flat Black for colour A and flat Sand for colour B.
Shown in this picture is blue led's
Shown in this picture is Dark Red Wood for Trim

- LED Kit
- LED Kit installation
- Real looking digital key, with extra normal key, keyring and keychain.
- CB Radio with lighting

A new dashboard is included in the price.

Hyper Realistic Scania Dashboard with optional lighting 56323 56317 Interior


Hyper Realistic Dashboard for Tamiya Scania 1/14

The SMD leds can be used with 7 to 12 volt power supplies.

A new dashboard part is included in the price.

Important Note: you can choose white LEDs with any "Radio and button colour".
If you want Red, Green or Blue LEDs you must choose the same colour for "Radio and button colour".
(For example it is not possible to light up a green "Radio and button colour" with a red led because the decal acts as a filter).

Lighting in Red

Lighting in Blue

Hyper Realistic Dashboard with Lighting (optional) for Tamiya MAN 1/14 RC 56325


Leds work with 7 to 12 volt power supplies.

Shown in this picture is GREEN led's

Metal Wiremesh kit for Tamiya Scania Original Grill and fender R470 R 620


This wiremesh kit fits the original Tamiya Grill and there is also a piece included for the sidefender.

Needs to be glued in place. Glue not included.

Choose if you want normal or fine mesh.

New set of seats, painted and decals applied for Tamiya Mercedes Benz Actros or Arocs 1/14 RC with realistic fabric pattern


New pair of seats for Tamiya Mercedes Benz Actros / Arocs.
Fully painted and decals installed.
Seats are included.
Seats are painted flat dark grey, seat belt holder is painted flat black.

Seat belts optional in different colours.

Air Suspension controller 1/14 for Tamiya Wedico or Bruder Truck

Handmade air suspension controller with curled wire.


Side marker poles for Tamiya Grand Hauler 1/14 RC (made of metal) - 56344


set of 2 side poles for the front bumper of the Grand Hauler.

You need to drill 2 holes of 3.2 mm in the bumper.

Note: The poles have a slight angle when they are mounted because the inside of the bumper has a slight slope. When the poles are installed they are slightly hanging forward. You can adjust this by bending the thread a bit. (DO NOT BEND THE THREAD WHEN THEY ARE ON THE BUMPER).

D) Seitenmarkierungsstangen für Tamiya Grand Hauler 1/14 RC (aus Metall) - 56344

Satz von 2 Seitenstangen für die vordere Stoßstange des Grand Hauler.

Sie müssen 2 Löcher von 3,2 mm in den Stoßfänger bohren.

Hinweis: Die Stangen haben einen leichten Winkel, wenn sie montiert werden, da die Innenseite der Stoßstange leicht geneigt ist. Wenn die Masten installiert sind, hängen sie leicht nach vorne. Sie können dies anpassen, indem Sie den Thread ein wenig biegen. (DEN GEWINDE NICHT BIEGEN, WENN SIE AUF DEM STOSSFÄNGER SIND).

Curtains in scale 1/14 for Tamiya, Wedico or Bruder RC Trucks with Zig Zag Accent.



Curtains in scale 1/14 with Dutch Flag for Tamiya, Wedico or Bruder RC Trucks


Shown curtain colour is white, curtain has a dutch flag on the bottom.

Curtains need to be glued to inside of the truck cabin.

NL Licence Plate Decal Set for Tamiya Truck or Trailer 1/14, made of 3M reflective Vinyl (Kentekenplaat sticker)


Set contains two decals.

Realistic Seats with Alcantara Look for MAN TGX 18.540 XLX, realistic seatbelts are optional 56325


Pair of 2 MAN TGX 18.540 XLX Seats
painted and fully finished for installation.

Simply choose the colour combo you want.






Choose from 21 colours for the seatbelt.

D) Realistische Sitze mit Alcantara Look für MAN TGX 18.540 XLX, realistische Sicherheitsgurte sind optional 56325

zwei Stücke MAN TGX 18.540 XLX Sitze
lackiert und fertig für die Installation.

Wählen Sie einfach die gewünschte Farbkombination aus.

Triangle Reflective marking decals - set of 2

Made of 3M reflective vinyl.
Has Chrome printed screws for a very realistic look.
Select the size you want, 10 mm or 13 mm high. Need other size? contact us.
D) Hergestellt aus 3M reflektierendem Vinyl.
Hat Chrome gedruckte Schrauben für ein sehr realistisches Aussehen.
Wählen Sie die gewünschte Größe, 10 mm oder 13 mm hoch. Brauchen Sie eine andere Größe? kontaktiere uns.

Square red/white reflective decals - set of 2 - Cargo sticking out


made of 3M reflective vinyl
One set contains one left and one right decal.

These chevron markings are used when a cargo is sticking out in the front, more than 10 cm in widht, or more than one metre on the rear.


Pin striping Decals Gloss Colour - 4 pieces of 30 cm - widths from 0,5 mm to 4 mm, available in any colour


4 Pieces of 30 cm length, select desired width and colour.

Need a matching colour for your project? Please contact us for custom colours and pricing.

D) 4 Stück von 30 cm Länge, gewünschte Breite und Farbe auswählen.

Brauchen Sie eine passende Farbe für Ihr Projekt? Bitte kontaktieren Sie uns für benutzerdefinierte Farben und Preise.

Wood and anti skid decal set for Dashboard of Tamiya Mercedes Benz Actros 1/14 RC


Set contains 8 wood decals and 2 anti skid decals.
Choose from Beige, Brown or Dark Red for wood colour and Black or Grey for Anti skid.

Needs to be applied with minor heat to form to surface. Damage to paint or plastic parts due to excessive use of heat or damage due to poor paintjob of surface to apply decal on are at your own risk.

D) Set enthält 8 Holztafeln und 2 Anti-Rutsch-Aufkleber.
Wählen Sie zwischen Beige, Braun oder Dunkelrot für Holzfarbe und Schwarz oder Grau für Anti-Rutsch.

Muss mit geringer Hitze aufgetragen werden, um auf der Oberfläche zu bilden. Schäden an Farbe oder Kunststoffteilen durch übermäßige Hitzeeinwirkung oder Schäden durch schlechtes Anstreichen der Oberfläche, auf die das Abziehbild aufgetragen wird, geschieht auf eigene Gefahr.

Realistic metal shifter for Grand Hauler, King Hauler, Globe Liner or Knight Hauler (Realistische Versnellingspook) - 56344 56301


Metal Gear Shifter

With Hi-Lo selector and shift pattern on the knob.

easy installation: fit optional round decal on the floor, this decal has a hole that marks where to drill the 3 mm hole. Drill the hole, put the thread through the hole and tighten nut.


This picture shows the optional round decal for the floor. Can be used on a flat surface, but not in combination with a suede or leather floor cover.

Floor part and seats not included.


Swedish Flag decal Set for Tamiya Scania 56323 56317

Set contains one right and one left decal.
D) Set enthält ein rechtes und ein linkes Selbkleber.

CB Radio 27 MC Scale 1/14 - 7 to 12 Volt


Fully Hand built CB Radio, choose the lighting colour you want. Use only on 7 to 12 Volt.

Please respect building time for this item.

D) CB Funk 27 MC Masstab 1/14 - 7 bis 12 Volt

Komplett handgebautes CB Radio, wählen Sie die gewünschte Lichtfarbe. Verwenden Sie nur bei 7 bis 12 Volt.

Bitte beachten Sie die Bauzeit für diesen Artikel.

Air Box USA Flag Decal set for the Tamiya Grand Hauler 1/14 (Luchtfilter sticker set) - 56344

One set is for left and right.
D) Luft Filter USA Flagge Aufkleber Satz für den Tamiya Grand Hauler 1/14 - 56344
Set enthält ein rechtes und ein linkes Selbkleber.

Steering Wheel Chain decal set for Tamiya Grand or King Hauler (Stuur sticker ketting print) - 56344 56301


This decal set makes your steering wheel look like it is made of a chain. Set contains: - chain decal, 3 spoke decals and 2 horn decals. Shown is Chrome, but also available in Silver Metallic, Gold Metallic and Mirror Gold.

Steering wheel not included.

Steering Wheel wrapped leather decal set for Tamiya Grand or King Hauler (Suur sticker gedraaid leder look) - 56344 56301


This decal set makes your steering wheel look like it is wrapped with leather. Set contains: - leather decal, 3 spoke decals and 2 horn decals. Shown is Chrome, but also available in Silver Metallic, Gold Metallic and Mirror Gold.

Steering wheel not included.

Air Freshener Christmas Tree scale 1/14 (Luchtverfrisser boompje)


made of Lexan
colours: green and white

size 5 x 8 mm

comes with installed green cord, long enough to cut to your needed length. After cutting to your length make a knot and cut excess material.

Reflective Yellow and Orange Chevron Marking Decal set (Left and Right) 40x10 mm


Size: 40 x 10 mm
Set of 2
Left and Right

This size is for the Fender of the Truck

Check if this size fits your truck before ordering.

Made of 3M Reflective Vinyl



Decal Set for Carson Wheels


Set of 6 rim decals for Carson Wheels.

Price is for colours we stock. If you want a specific colour, contact us before ordering to check if we can make that colour.

WARNING: Can not be removed afterwards, chrome will be damaged. Use at your own risk. Be carefull when applying to not damage the Chrome, the Chrome is fragile. We only recommend applying with wet technique.

Chrome Decals for the outsides vertical edges of the Sleep Cabin of the Tamiya Grand or King Hauler 1/14 (Chroom stickers voor de opstaande randen van de slaapcabine). - 56344 56301


Decal Set for the Rims of the Tamiya Grand Hauler. King Hauler and Globe Liner 1/14 in 2 Colours (Stickerset voor de velgen in 2 kleuren) - 56344 56301


Set van 6 stickers. (4 stuks voor de achtervelgen en 2 stuks voor de voorvelgen.) Uitgevoerd in 2 kleuren. (afgebeeld zijn 2 kleuren).

Deze stickers zijn exact op de juiste maat gemaakt zodat de montage heel eenvoudig is. Nu is het mogelijk om de velgen in uw favoriete kleur te maken en tegelijkertijd het chroom te behouden. De lijnen zijn superstrak, geen getob met afplakken en spuiten meer, gewoon eenvoudig de stickers monteren. Wij adviseren om deze set nat te plakken met water en zeep.

Decal set of 6 pieces in 2 colours (4 for the rear wheels and 2 for the front wheels). Fits the stock rims of the Tamiya Grand Hauler. Stickers fit exactly over the holes for easy fitment. Now you can have your favorite colour wheels and have the chrome at the same time. Lines are very smooth, no hassle with masking and painting, just peal and stick. We advise to mount this decal set with water and soap.

Key, Ignition Switch and Keychain Scale 1/14 (Sleutel, Contactslot en sleutelhanger)


Steering Column part is not included. You are only buying ignition switch, key and keychain. You can choose the colour of the ring of the ignition switch. Choose from black, Gold or Silver. Drill hole to to accept the ignition switch and glue ring and key in place.

Decoration part only, it is not a functioning ignition switch.