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This Painted Globeliner Bodykit will be available for purchase soon.

New Tamiya Grand Hauler Custom Body in the making, click here for pictures and videos of this upcoming Grand Hauler Bodykit.

Click here to check the new Bodykit

Tamiya Scania 770S Custom Rear Bumper for Dual Axle

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  • Description

3D Printed Custom Rear Bumper for Tamiya Scania 770S with 8  lights. Printed with ABS-Like Resin.

fits on original mounting points.

fits the 770S Dual Axle model.
Has 2 holes through the bumper for License plate lighting

Chassis Mounting Bracket
Bumper with 8 Lights
Top Cover, is mounted to the bracket with magnets.
8 Red lenses.
2 Bolts and 2 nuts to attach the bumper to the mounting bracket.
8 Chrome decals to go behind the red lenses (These must be installed AFTER you painted the bumper)

(1): Led pack for the 16 square lights

(2): Side lights: 2 Orange blinker lenses with SMD Leds (Must be glued in after painting bumper) and Dual red (or white/red) sidemarkers with SMD Led lights.
2 chrome decals for behind the Orange Blinkers are included. (These must be installed AFTER you painted the bumper)

Red Rear Light holes are made to fit 3 mm lenses. If you fit your own leds, you need to measure the exact diameter of the led, and drill the hole to the exact size of your led. (Different colour leds have a slightly different diameter, that is why you need to drill to your size). If you choose the LED package for the lights we drill the right size for you with the LED's that are supplied.

Can be painted to match the paint of your truck. We do not give support how to paint parts, we expect that if you order this part you have the knowledge to paint parts.
When sanding this part use proper Personal Protection like gloves and respirators.

The Ultimate Custom Dash 1978 for Tamiya King or Grand Hauler with lighting

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  • Description

The ULTIMATE UPGRADE for your King or Grand Hauler.

This Dashboard fits in the Tamiya Grand or King Hauler, and uses the original mounting points. Just swap out the original to this one with 2 screws.

NOTE!!! The final touches are done to this dashboard, on one picture the trailer and parking brake are grey, but will be yellow and red in the final version. There can be slight differences in the dashboard you receive from the picture that is shown.

The option for the Turn indicators, and the Oil, Water, Diff, High beam must have each LED powered separately for them to operate.

Leds work with 7 to 12 volts.

We do not offer support for the connection of the LEDS to your electric module of your truck, we assume if you order this part you can handle that part yourself.

This is a 3D Printed item and must be handled with care, do not overtighten screws when installing. Damage due to wrong handling is not covered by warranty.

Suede Floor mats for Tamiya Scania 770S

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suede floormats fussbodenmatten tamiya scania vloer matten www_svlreclame_nl_20200617145631

Tamiya Scania 770S seats with alcantara look 1/14 RC Interior

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  • Description

Pair of 2 Scania Seats
painted and fully finished for installation.

Simply choose the colour combo you want

Choose from 21 colours for the seatbelt.

Painted Bodykit Tamiya Volvo FH16 - Green with selfadhesive vinyl stripes installed - Ships in 2 weeks without Optional painted parts. Takes longer to ship with optional painted parts.

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  • Description

What is included in this kit:

Painted Body
Painted Roof
Painted Bumper
2 Painted Side steps next to bumper
2 Painted Side rear windows (not in the picture but are included)
2 Painted window wipers
2 Painted Handles below front window

Painted Rear Fenders
Painted Front Fenders lower part T16 and T17

Stripes in Dark Green metallic with Dark green outline, Lime Green Candy and Silver metallic.
The chassis is NOT included.

770S Next Gen - Premium Handmade "Platinum Pack" Tamiya Scania Full Interior Kit - Leather Diamond Stitching with lighting - "Platinum Pack" with Rear Seats and Table 1/14 RC 56368

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  • Description

Handmade "Platinum Pack" interior kit for Tamiya Scania Next Gen 770S with diamond stitching.
Made of artificial Leather, Suede look and Alcantara look material.

Kit contains:
1 - Dashboard with lighting
2 - Floormats (2 pieces)
3- Seats and seatbelts
4- Curtains, 1 Front, 2 Side
5- 2 Tweeters for A Pillar
6- Roof Top and Roof Side Panels Left and Right
7- Side Walls Rear
8- Panel above Windshield
9- Doorpanels Left and Right, Door surround top Left and Right
10- Floor Piece Front of Cabin
11- Window Surround trim
12- Rear Wall
13- Subwoofer Box with dual speakers and bass reflex ports (show only, not functioning)
14- Rised floor (rear of cab)
15- Rear Table
16- Rear Side Seats
17- Rear Cabinets
18- Laptop
19- CB Radio

Choose your desired colour combination.

Tamiya Scania 770S Next Gen Hyper Realistic Dashboard with optional Lighting 56368 Interior

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  • Description

Hyper Realistic Dashboard for Tamiya Scania 770 S 1/14

Works with 7 to 12 volt.

Dashboard shown with red lighting, Beige antiskid, Gloss Red contrast line, Brushed Alloy Trim and a Blue Laptop and CB Radio.

Set of 2 Interior Map Lights in scale 1/14 with working led

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  • Description
Works with 7 to 12 volt
Size: +/- 32 mm high

Working Light

This 1/14 Scale Map Light has a working LED.

2 Orange Side Reflectors with honeycomb pattern in scale 1/14 - Self adhesive

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  • Description

These have a self adhesive layer, just peel and install.

Quantity: 2

Dimensions: 7,5 x 3,5 mm

Folded Curtains with flap "770 S" for Tamiya Scania 1/14 RC Truck

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gevouwen gordijn folded curtain for tamiya rc truck vorhange gardinen intercooler www_svlreclame_nl_20200617145636
  • Description

770S - text is printed on both sides of the flap.

Shown base curtain colour is Brown Caramel, contrast line Black, flap colour Brown Caramel, text Beige

Truck Battery in scale 1/14. (For display only, does not function)

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SUPER Danish Velvet Lighted Rear Wall for 1/14 Tamiya Scania Next Gen 770 S RC Truck

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  • Description
Rear wall with lighting with logo SUPER.
Choose your desired colours.

SUPER Lighted Rear Wall for 1/14 Tamiya Scania Next Gen 770 S RC Truck

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  • Description
Rear wall with lighting with logo SUPER.
Choose your desired colours.

SUPER Danish Velvet Lighted Rear Wall for 1/14 Tamiya Scania R470/R620 RC Truck

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  • Description
Rear wall with lighting with logo SUPER.
Choose your desired colours.

SUPER Lighted Rear Wall for 1/14 Tamiya Scania R470/R620 RC Truck

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  • Description
Rear wall with lighting with logo SUPER.
Choose your desired colours.

Candy Flames Striping Kit Decal for Tamiya Grand / King Hauler 1/14 RC Truck (0012) Hood and Fenders

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  • Description

This decal kit has 2 Shades of Candy, printed on Metallic Silver Vinyl. You can choose your favourite Candy Colour for this decal kit. The outside stripe for this kit is always Silver Metallic.
This kit contains the following:
1 decal for the hood
2 decals for the sides of the hood
2 decals for the front fenders
4 decals for 2 rear fenders

Close up of the 2 Shades of Candy Red