We can paint your 1/14 RC Truck in any colour. It is also possible to have a striping or 2 tone on your truck. Ask us for a quote.

If you want us to paint your truck all parts must be unpainted and all parts must be disassembled.
The reason we want the parts to be unpainted is because we don't want to run into unexpected problems someone else created. The parts are very difficult to prepare if there is allready paint on it.


If you mail us for a quote include the following:

- model of the truck

- are there any accessories that need to be painted

- pictures of the truck

- the desired colour you want on the truck




Scania Longline Paintjob in Dark Orange metallic and Gloss Black

We painted this Scania Longline in a custom mixed Dark Orange Metallic and Gloss Black.
Behind the grill the cab is painted flat black.

We also designed and installed the horse decal on the side of the truck. This decal has a colour that fades from copper metallic to a dark orange metallic that is one tone different than the colour of the paint. The horse decal has a double thin outline in black with red.

We made the roof cover plates and side plates (under the cab).

This truck is fitted with our following items:
- Reflective lines on the front fenders
- Reflective lines on the rear fenders
- Black gloss top stripes on the rear fenders
- Black gloss stripes on the side fenders
- Black gloss stripes on the roof
- Titanium grill stripes
- Titanium bumper stripes
- Seat belts
- Fully lighter hyper realistic dashboard in Brown Wood, flat black paint, black gauges, black antiskid and blue LED's
- Seats with alcantara look in Brown Orange and Dark Brown Alcantara