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Laptop 1/14 with lighting

laptop computer pc 1 14 scale for use with tamiya wedico or bruder rc truck www_svlreclame_nl

Hyper realistic dashboard in scale 1/14.

Choose the colour you want for the lighting.

Fully Handbuilt

Mercedes Actros / Arocs Hyper Realistic Dashboard with Lighting (optional) 1/14 RC 56348 56325 56335 56342


Hyper Realistic Actros or Arocs dashboard, painted and decals installed. LED's are optional

Choose the Cab Model you need, the Actros and Arocs dashboard are different in length from left to right. (The Actros version is wider than the Arocs).

The steering wheel also has LED's installed (when you choose LED installation option).

The SMD leds can be used with 7 to 12 volt power supplies.

Shown in this Picture is Flat Black for colour A and flat Sand for colour B.
Shown in this picture is blue led's
Shown in this picture is Dark Red Wood for Trim

- LED Kit
- LED Kit installation
- Real looking digital key, with extra normal key, keyring and keychain.
- CB Radio with lighting

A new dashboard is included in the price.

New set of seats, painted and decals applied for Tamiya Mercedes Benz Actros or Arocs 1/14 RC with realistic fabric pattern


New pair of seats for Tamiya Mercedes Benz Actros / Arocs.
Fully painted and decals installed.
Seats are included.
Seats are painted flat dark grey, seat belt holder is painted flat black.

Seat belts optional in different colours.

Hyper Realistic Scania Dashboard with optional lighting 56323 56317 Interior


Hyper Realistic Dashboard for Tamiya Scania 1/14

The SMD leds can be used with 7 to 12 volt power supplies.

A new dashboard part is included in the price.

Important Note: you can choose white LEDs with any "Radio and button colour".
If you want Red, Green or Blue LEDs you must choose the same colour for "Radio and button colour".
(For example it is not possible to light up a green "Radio and button colour" with a red led because the decal acts as a filter).

Lighting in Red

Lighting in Blue

CB Radio 27 MC Scale 1/14 - 7 to 12 Volt


Fully Hand built CB Radio, choose the lighting colour you want. Use only on 7 to 12 Volt.

Please respect building time for this item.

D) CB Funk 27 MC Masstab 1/14 - 7 bis 12 Volt

Komplett handgebautes CB Radio, wählen Sie die gewünschte Lichtfarbe. Verwenden Sie nur bei 7 bis 12 Volt.

Bitte beachten Sie die Bauzeit für diesen Artikel.

Safety Jacket in 1/14 scale, can be used with Tamiya, Wedico or Bruder trucks


Detailed safety jacket in orange or yellow. Has reflective stripes like a real jacket.