We can paint your 1/14 RC Truck in any colour. It is also possible to have a striping, 2 tone or multiple colours on your truck. Ask us for a quote, but please read the text fully before contacting us.

We offer a high quality paint job.
Our Paint Jobs are therefore in the high price range. We only use Automotive grade paints and paintjobs are cleared with 2K automotive clear. We take our time all the way from preparation of the surface so the paint will stick properly to the clear coat stage. Nothing is rushed.

For a quote we need:

- if making a replica of existing truck, we need written permission of the owner of the truck and owner of the logo's, do this first before contacting us, we will not look into qoute requests if this permission is not shown to start with.

- model of the truck

- are there any accessories that need to be painted

- include pictures of the truck that you want painted in the email

- the desired colour you want on the truck, specify exactly what you want, for example pearl red, or metallic green. If you have a very specific colour please let us know the colour code so we can use that for the quote.

- make sure there is NO existing paint on the truck what so ever, no primer, no NOTHING, we need a bare surface to start with. We are not interested in a paint job that will have chemical burns by existing paint that will not go together with our paint system, or have adhering issues of the paint because of wrong surface preparation.

We do not fix or finish paintjobs that are started, or halfway finished by someone else, or are completely ruined by someone else.

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