Grand Haulers we painted
Custom painted Tamiya Grand Hauler Body's. Painted by Sander van Leeuwen, the owner of

Grand Hauler Paintjob Grey and Red, available for purchase soon

This Grand Hauler bodykit is painted in a dark grey metallic that has a green shade throughout the colour. On the side is a classic stripe in red, on the bottom stripe the dark grey is repeated to make a ghost effect. In the top line is the same effect but done with silver to make a nice contrast. The rear fenders will be painted in the same colour scheme. All the plastic casted studs are removed and realistic metal rivets will be placed in the holes that are drilled. On the back of the cab there is a row of lights on the right and left with red and orange lights.

After adding some clear the colours come to life.

The first layer of clear has been sanded for a next layer of clear coat to give a more smooth finish and even more shine.

Grand Hauler Paintjob Black and Orange (SOLD)

We painted this Grand Hauler with a custom made recipe for all the colours. The truck looks black with orange, but when the sunlight hits the paint a green/yellow/orange sparkle will light up all over the truck. The accents on the truck are made with brushed Titanium.

This exclusive Painted Body is SOLD, we are working on a new custom body kit which will be available for sale too.

Polished to a mirror finish.

Interior also made with the same colour scheme.