Customers RC's, Decals and Parts

Swedish Flag Decal set for Volvo

Our swedish Flag Decal kit is installed on this Volvo FH12


For this MAN truck we made:
- decals (the black chevron stripes are reflective like the real truck has)
- front curtain
- Convoi exceptionell plates
- License plates in reflective vinyl

DAF 3600 ATI

We made the decals for this beautiful DAF 3600 ATI, built by Bertje op het Broek from the Netherlands.


Realistic Dashboard, shifter, seats and CB Radio for Grand Hauler

We made the realistic dashboard, shifter, seats and the CB Radio for this Grand Hauler

Custom Hyper Realistic Scania Dashboards and Seats

Mercedes Actros 1/14 Custom Decals and Reflective Markings

We made custom logo decals and the reflective chevron markings for this 1/14 Tamiya Mercedes Benz Actros Truck


Custom Dashboard and Seats with Lighting for Scania

Custom Trailer Decals and Wood dashboard decal set

Mercedes Actros Logo Decals

We made the company logo's for this 1/14 Tamiya Mercedes Benz Actros Truck

Reflective Decals

Made the reflective CONVOI EXCEPTIONNEL, red reflective triangles and yellow/orange marker decals for this truck and trailer.

Hyper Realistic Dashboard for Grand / King Hauler

Custom Dashboard for Grand / King Hauler, brown wood trim, black/chrome vents, digital gauges and button panel with brake levers.