Interior parts and decals for the Tamiya Scania R470 and R620 1/14 RC Truck 56323 56317



Floormats with Text INTERCOOLER for Tamiya Scania 1/14


Choose your colours and Text.

Shown is Base Colour Lime Green Normal and Stripes in Black.

V8 Floormats for Tamiya Scania 1/14 Suede


Choose your colour combination and Text.
Shown is Base colour Grey Light and Stripes in Black.

Scania doorpanel set with Leather Diamond stitch centre


Choose your desired colours.
Shown colours:
A Dark Grey
B Light Grey
C Light Grey
D Black


Must be glued in place or with double sided sticky tape. This is not included with the panels.

Combo Package Deal - Hyper Realistic Interior set for Tamiya Scania 1/14 RC R470 R620 56323 56317


From € 178,70 for € 149,95

Upgrade your Scania Interior to a higher level with this complete combo package deal
this set contains:
- 1 new dashboard painted, decals and lighting installed
- 1 realistic key, keychain and ignition switch installed
- 3 floor mats, (left, right and centre)
- 2 new seats, painted and decals installed
- 2 seatbelts, installed on the seats
- 2 realistic tweeters for the A-pillars
- 1 curtain for rear of cabin
- 1 curtain for front and sides

Choose your desired colour combination.

Handmade Scania Interior Kit Leather and Alcantara look with diamond stitching


Handmade interior kit with diamond stitching.
Made of artificial Leather.

Kit contains:
1 - Rear wall with lighting (A,B,C,D)
2 - Sleeping Bed (E,F,G)
3 - Plate above windshield (H,I)
4 - Side Panels (next to bed) (one left, one right) (J,K)
5 - Roof Side Panels (one left, one right) (L,M)
6 - Roof Panel (N,O)
7 - Door Panels (one left, one right) (P,Q,R)
8 - Cabinets, Front and Bottom (S,T,U,V)
9 - Floor cover (W)

We dont have pictures yet of the Doorpanels, Roof Side Panels, Roof Panel and Floor cover. These will come as soon as possible.

Seats and Dashboard not included.

Suede Front Curtain for Tamiya Scania with contrast stripe and text


Must be glued in place. Glue not included.

Shown in Brown Caramel with Beige Stripes and Text.

Suede Curtain Set: Front 10 flaps and folded Side curtains with contrast stripe


Base colour show in light sand, contrast stripe in red.

These curtains must be glued in place.

Front curtain can be made with 10 round or 10 square flaps.
Shown is round.

Suede Side Curtain for 1/14 Tamiya Truck or 1/16 Bruder Truck

side curtain zij gordijn gardinen 1 14 rc truck tamiya man mercedes volvo scania actros arocs grand king hauler suede www_svlreclame_nl

Set of 2 side curtains.
Choose your colour.

Must be glued in place.

Seats with Diamond stitch for Tamiya Scania 1/14 - Suede

Pair of 2 seats with diamond stitched upholstery.
Choose your colours.

Seats with Diamond stitch for Tamiya Scania 1/14 - Leather *


Pair of 2 seats with diamond stitched upholstery.
Choose your colours.

* NOTE: Shown in suede, actual item is made with leather, picture of leather version will be added later.

2 Speaker Pods with Suede for Tamiya 1/14 RC Truck *


Height of this pod is 65 mm.
Pod has a scaled version of:
- One 30 cm woofer
- Two 16,5 cm speakers
- One tweeter
- 2 Bass reflex ports. (not shown in this picture, but included in final part)

Upholstered in Suede.

Choose the colour for suede and the cone of the speaker.

Shown colour for Suede is Brown Caramel, and Speaker Cone is Yellow Bright.


Check if you can fit the height of 65 mm in your truck before ordering this part.

Centre Console for Tamiya Scania - Suede with Lighting


Centre Console for Tamiya Scania - Suede (No Lighting)


Floor Piece with Diamond Stitch for Tamiya Scania - Suede


Floor Piece with Diamond Stitch for Tamiya Scania - Leather

Note: Shown in Suede, but actual product is made with leather. Picture of Leather will come later.

Suede V8 Sleeping Bed, Side Walls and Rear Wall for Tamiya Scania 1/14 RC


Suede Floor mats with stripes for Tamiya Scania


Suede Floor mats with Diamond Stitch for Tamiya Scania


Hyper Realistic Scania Dashboard with optional lighting 56323 56317 Interior


Hyper Realistic Dashboard for Tamiya Scania 1/14

The SMD leds can be used with 7 to 12 volt power supplies.

A new dashboard part is included in the price.

Important Note: you can choose white LEDs with any "Radio and button colour".
If you want Red, Green or Blue LEDs you must choose the same colour for "Radio and button colour".
(For example it is not possible to light up a green "Radio and button colour" with a red led because the decal acts as a filter).

Lighting in Red

Lighting in Blue

Sleeping Bed for Tamiya Scania RC Truck 1/14. Artificial Leather

Sleeping Bed with Diamond Stitch. Made of artificial leather.

Sleeping Bed for Tamiya Scania RC Truck 1/14. Gloss Fabric

Sleeping Bed with Diamond Stitch. Made of Glossy Fabric

Laptop 1/14 with lighting

laptop computer pc 1 14 scale for use with tamiya wedico or bruder rc truck www_svlreclame_nl

Hyper realistic dashboard in scale 1/14.

Choose the colour you want for the lighting.

Fully Handbuilt

Rear wall Alcantara look with speakers and lighting for Tamiya Scania 1/14 RC


Rear wall for the Tamiya Scania, with lighting.

Choose your colour combination and text for engine horsepower.

LED's work with voltage from 7,2 to 12 volts.

Shown is Dark Brown for Wall, Red for Colour stripes, and red lighting.

Speakers are for display purpose only and do not work. Seats are not included, rear wall only.


Hyper Realistic RHD Scania decal set (Right Hand Drive) Interior 56323 56317


Decal Set for the RHD Scania dashboard.

Use at your own risk.

Each decal set comes with a masking set for easy masking where the black paint will be on the dash. Where the plastic is masked the light will come through to illuminate the dash.

Comes with 3 buttons that need to be glued in place.

Front window curtain with 10 round and square flaps - cloth

curtain for tamiya scania front window with 10 flaps round and square www_svlreclame_nl

Front window curtain with 10 round flaps - cloth

curtain for tamiya scania front window with 10 round flaps www_svlreclame_nl

Front window curtain with 10 round flaps - Suede


Wood trim decal set for use with original OEM Tamiya Scania Dashboard decal set 56323 56317 Interior


This decal set is applied OVER the original Tamiya Decal Set.
This trim kit is for the wood decals only. The original decals with the print of the knobs and dials is NOT included.
2 Decals for the steering wheel also included.
To apply the decal for the steering wheel, use a little bit of heat with a hair dryer to shape the decal to to the steering wheel.
(Use of excessive heat damages the plastic parts, use of to much heat at your own risk).

Tamiya Scania seats with alcantara look 1/14 RC 56323 56317 Interior


Pair of 2 Scania Seats
painted and fully finished for installation.

Simply choose the colour combo you want










Choose from 21 colours for the seatbelt.

Air Suspension controller 1/14 for Tamiya Wedico or Bruder Truck

Handmade air suspension controller with curled wire.


Safety Jacket in 1/14 scale, can be used with Tamiya, Wedico or Bruder trucks

Detailed safety jacket in orange or yellow. Has reflective stripes like a real jacket.

Realistic Tweeters for the Tamiya Scania A pillars 56323 56317 interior


Set of 2 tweeters
to place on the A pillars. Are self adhesive, just peel paper and stick on.

Choose your desired colour: Black or White Pearl

items have a decorative function only and do not work

Set of Floor mats for Tamiya Scania R470 R 620 1/14 RC Interior 56323 56317

Choose your Base colour (base colour shown is red). Choose your Stripe colour (stripe colour shown is black). One set contains a left and one right mat.

Curtains in scale 1/14 for Tamiya, Wedico or Bruder RC Trucks with Zig Zag Accent.



Curtains in scale 1/14 with Dutch Flag for Tamiya, Wedico or Bruder RC Trucks


Shown curtain colour is white, curtain has a dutch flag on the bottom.

Curtains need to be glued to inside of the truck cabin.

Realistic Seat Belts Set for Tamiya Scania R470 / R620 1/14 RC Truck 56323 56317 Interior


One set of two seat belts.
To use these seats belts it is necessary to open the slot on top of the seat to accept the belt. You can choose to make another slot on the bottom of the seat or glue the belt underneath the seat.

The belt has a hyper realistic buckle in mirror chrome and black.

Choose from 21 colours.

Seat decals with diamond pattern for Tamiya Scania 1/14 56323 56317 Interior


Decalset for 2 seats of the Tamiya Scania. Contact us for your desired colour combo. Note that the outside of the seats need to be painted.

Enter the colour you want to receive, we can make any colour you want.

High Heels in correct 1/14 scale for Tamiya, Wedico or Bruder Truck (Pumps in schaal van Tamiya)


Specify your desired colour combo. We can make anything you want. If you have a colour that you are not certain of if we can make it please contact us.

Air Freshener Smiley 1/14 (Luchtverfrisser)


CB Radio 27 MC Scale 1/14 - 7 to 12 Volt


Fully Hand built CB Radio, choose the lighting colour you want. Use only on 7 to 12 Volt.

Please respect building time for this item.

D) CB Funk 27 MC Masstab 1/14 - 7 bis 12 Volt

Komplett handgebautes CB Radio, wählen Sie die gewünschte Lichtfarbe. Verwenden Sie nur bei 7 bis 12 Volt.

Bitte beachten Sie die Bauzeit für diesen Artikel.

Key, Ignition Switch and Keychain Scale 1/14 (Sleutel, Contactslot en sleutelhanger)


Steering Column part is not included. You are only buying ignition switch, key and keychain. You can choose the colour of the ring of the ignition switch. Choose from black, Gold or Silver. Drill hole to to accept the ignition switch and glue ring and key in place.

Decoration part only, it is not a functioning ignition switch.

Air Freshener Christmas Tree scale 1/14 (Luchtverfrisser boompje)


made of Lexan
colours: green and white

size 5 x 8 mm

comes with installed green cord, long enough to cut to your needed length. After cutting to your length make a knot and cut excess material.