Grand Hauler - Custom Painted Bodykit in Classic Pete Style *

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This design in this colour scheme is only made one time by us. So if you buy this bodykit, no one else will have this design.
This Grand Hauler bodykit is painted in a dark grey metallic that has a green shade throughout the colour. On the side is a classic stripe in red, on the bottom stripe the dark grey is repeated to make a ghost effect. In the top line is the same effect but done with silver to make a nice contrast. The rear fenders will be painted in the same colour scheme. All the plastic casted studs are removed and realistic metal rivets will be placed in the holes that are drilled. On the back of the cab there is a row of lights on the right and left with red and orange lights.

what is included in this kit:

- Body with rear plate and roof plate
- 2 Rear Fenders
- 2 seats
- Floor cover with diamond stitch in Red leather with a thread colour that is matching the body colour.
- 2 Doorpanels that match the exterior design
- custom lighting on the Rear of the Cab with orange and red lights.
- 2 Custom side windows on the sleeping cab
- 1 Custom side window on the passenger side of the cab
- All the plastic casted rivets are removed and replaced for metal ones.
- Flat Black front window surrounding trim
- Chrome doorhandle decals
- Polished to have an amazing gloss


* The chassis and all other parts are not included. Only the parts described above.

The Red Rearlights ON

The Red Rear lights ON, and the Orange blinkers ON